Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ryan is.....old! : )

Well, today is Fry Guys birthday. I am following the inspiration of some fellow bloggers and thought I would post about Ryan. He is 34 today so I will post 34 "facts" about Ryan.

1. He has a twitchy leg. (His leg rarely stops bouncing. I used to hate this until we had kids....now I just put the kid on that bouncing leg and it calms them right down.)
2. He absolutely loves his kiddos.
3. He drove a Ford Tempo in high school and just got rid of it a few years ago. To this day, no car seems to fit him like that Ford Tempo.
4. He is excellent at building stuff. I can draw him a picture, he will make it come to life.
5. He is extremely patient and very rarely gets mad. One of the few times in our marriage that Ryan has ever gotten mad was at a sofball game. He ended up yelling at the umpire for something and felt so bad he immediately went back and spent 5 minutes apologizing to the guy. I think he even tried to give him a hug, just kidding!
6. He hates olives.
7. He doesn't get jokes.
8. He says his laugh instead of actually laughing. This is awesome...when he laughs, he just says Ha ha ha ha ha, over and over again. Classic!
9. He loves WWE.
10. He is a complete fantasy football addict. I always joke that it is going to be funny someday when the judge asks why we are getting divorced and I answer.."fantasy football." Okay, it is not that bad. But answer me this, is it just me or is 4 separate fantasy football teams a bit excessive?
11. He is a mamma's boy.
12. He is a daddy's boy.
13. He is an amazing big brother. I guess I should ask his brothers and sisters if this is true but from my perspective, his a good one.
14. He LOVES baseball.
15. We named our first born after a nickname given to Ryan by a mechanic.
16. He primps way longer than I do.
17. A good analogy about Ryan given by his friend Brett...."Ryan could be neck deep in poop and still find something good about his situation."
18. He is a hard worker
19. He is allergic to tomatoes. (Not really but this is the excuse he used to use to avoid eating them.)
20. He likes to cook.
21. He is a tremendous help with the kids, always. He is a pretty dang good daddy.
22. He can fall asleep in the middle of a conversation.
23. His favorite food is Lasagna. (Funny since he is allergic to tomatoes)
24. He likes to fix stuff. He does not like to pay other people to fix stuff he thinks he can fix himself. This was the inspiration for # 15.
25. He recently developed a snoring habit.
26. If you ask Ryan to hurry, he slows down. : )
27. He does not know how to dust.
28. He is really good at stacking. This is how he cleans, he stacks but he is really, really good at it.
29. Everyone loves Ryan. He has got to be the most likable guy. I have never met anyone who has ever even been mad at Ryan, except for me, of course.
30. He is a bit gullible. He pretty much has such a trusting, big heart that he believes anything anyone tells him. I love this about him, so much!
31. He is a band wagoner. Love it!
32. He loves me. Don't ask me why, but he does.
33. He would do anything for his family.
34. Last but certainly not least.... he has got to be the best husband ever. I am not sure what he did wrong to deserve me but I am certain I must have done something very right to deserve him. The only flaws in our marriage stem from me. He is as pretty much as close to a perfect dad and a perfect husband as any human being could get. We are so very lucky to have him in our lives. Love you Ryan!


Darice said...

So fun to learn more about Ryan. I agree that he is just so mild mannered and great with his kids!

My Ryan's birthday is on Friday- so another list is in order!

Nik said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN! Mike misses you!

Cherie said...

Awww! This makes me miss you and Ry SO bad! There's definitely no one else out there like Ryan! Just thinking about him makes me smile!

If we could just go back to those days in college! We had NO idea how good we had it, did we?

Happy Birthday Ry!

Kelly and Megan said...

Oh, that was sweet! I have to agree that Ryan is one of the easiest going people around. He is a great daddy, and my kids think he is great too! I think the funniest one of those was him getting mad at the umpire. I could totally see him trying to make up with guy afterwards! Ryan would just never want to hurt anyone's feelings on purpose. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

The Karafa Family said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! And 4 is nothing, Blair has like 20 teams! I am not joking! We also belong to the KFFL (Karaf Family Football League) and had our 5th annual draft this past weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow he is even older than me!! It made me laugh at the way you described his laugh...ha ha ha ha!! We all hope you enjoy your day!! Happy Birthday Ryan!

It's all about Family! said...

Happy birthday, son. We love you sooooooooooo much. I can't think of any faults that you have, but I hope you have a couple because in my book you could be translated you are such a great guy. Hope you had a super birthday. Love, Dad and Mom

The Adams Family said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! The funniest thing on the list to me was #15. Why, because I remember #15 all too well. I was with Tifany every day during that time. I bet the guy at Expertec Automotive Incorporated, has never forgotten "Kutter".

We MISS you!!!

Braden and Melanie said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you! You should be expecting a very great happy birthday song coming your way. We could not call last night because Wyatt was sleeping on the car ride home and we wernt' allowed to talk for fear of waking him. Let's just say that he isn't like traveling much these days! Anyway, we love you so much Ry Guy! I feel very privledged to have grown up with such a great big brother. You were a protector(often times from other siblings), a comedian, a friend and much much more! Thank you for all the times your gave me great advice and comfort. Thank you for your part in giving me a great nephew and two great nieces (who I miss greatly). Thank you so much for being you. I love you tons!

masonmadness said...

Happy Birthday Ryan you old fart!!! Don't feel bad...I'm allergic to vegetables!

Kelli said...

What a cute idea...my husband is obsessed with fantasy football too. I think he just has 2 teams this year though...haha :)

P.S. So excited to swap with you!

Grandma Vincent said...

All I can think of to say is "ditto!" We love you son! Mom and Dad V.