Sunday, November 30, 2008

WWF- The Wright Way

Whenever the Wright family gets together, a wrestling match always seems to erupt between the boys. I say boys because when these guys get into each other's company, they immediately revert back to when they were boys. I have said it since the day we got married, Ryan turns into a 14 year-old every time we walk into his house. He has to be constantly reminded he has a wife and kids. I would be the one to unload the car, take care of the kids, pretty much everything since he was caught in La-La land. I have since started being a bit meaner and have begun nagging him until he helps out. I am sure his family things I am quite the beast but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.

I have wandered off the subject, where was I.........okay, I remember. So Thanksgiving was no different. We were staying at John and Stacey's house and everyone had left from a full day of baby blessings and food. I am never sure how these things begin but all I remember is looking down and seeing Ryan on top of John. These things can get out of control so us mom's have to immediately go into protect mode so the kids don't get hit with flying bodies. Here is how the wrestling match usually goes:

Ryan starts the fight

Ryan pretends he is in 7th grade wrestling again and shows off all his moves.

John cannot move......only because he is laughing too hard.

John regains his composure

John throws his weight around and gets on top of Ryan

Ryan gives up immediately

Game over

Since this is my blog and I have to "support" my husband. I have withheld the pictures of Ryan actually losing and only posted the pictures in which it looks like he is dominating the competition. (You're welcome honey, sorry John!)

Babies, Blessings, and Baby Blessings

Our extremely busy and eventful week continued in Logan on November 30th. There have been a lot of babies born into the Wright Clan this past year. Three of which came very recently. Ryan's sister, Kathy, had twins in September and Ryan's brother John, well his wife, had a baby girl in Oct. They were all so kind as to have the baby blessings while we were in town. We were so excited that we got to be there and even more excited that we got to meet these little bundles of joy.

With baby blessings, comes food and we sure had a lot of it. We had a full on meal at Kathy and Todd's house for their blessings and another one at Stacey's house for hers. It was a very tasty day and such a great day to be all together again. We miss our families so much and just relish in the times that we do get to be around each other.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Going on an Adventure!

Before Thanksgiving dinner was served, we sent Kutter and Gage (his cousin that is 2 weeks older than him) out to play. Kutter was dying to play outside, even though it was freezing cold to our Arizona blood. We bundled them the best we could with what we had and sent them on their way. Later, I went to get them for dinner and found that they wandered into a field behind Gage's house and was a good 200 yards away. I had to travel a good distance before they could hear my voice calling their name. They came running back and were so excited to tell me about their adventure. They made me promise they could go on another adventure after dinner. It was a deal!

So dinner was served and before the last bite was swallowed, the boys were harassing us to let them go on their adventure. Seeing the distance they had traveled before, I felt it necessary to send Ryan with them. One thing led to another and somehow all the boys were heading out. Well, all the boys and me and Payton. We probably should have left the princess home (Payton, not me!) because she was cold and miserable in the elements. She demanded to be carried everywhere. I guess that is the proper transportation for a princess!

We were off! I was actually mortified when I discovered where the boys had traveled to earlier in the day. There was a creek with rushing water that they crossed on their own. I had sudden images of one of them falling in so I was glad we all decided to come along this time. The two travel guides took off ahead of us, having their own little expedition. They were throwing rocks, picking up sticks, and hiding in bushes. By the end of the journey, they were filthy, muddy little creatures.....all boy!! It turned out to be a pretty fun, freezing but fun little hike. It definitely made the Thanksgiving Day a memorable one. By the end of the trek, I have never wanted hot chocolate and a hot tubber more in my entire life. Brrrrr!

Thanks boys for taking us on your little adventure!

Maggie's First Thanksgiving

So I failed to get any pictures of Maggie actually eating her first Thanksgiving meal, but Maggie had a very significant day besides the food. This was the first time the majority of Ryan's family had actually met Maggie. Ryan parents and brother, Nate, came down when she was blessed but no one else had met her yet. The most significant introduction for the day came when Maggie met one of her namesake, Ryan's Grandma Wright. Maggie was also named after Sharmae, Ryan's sister. But it was a special moment when Maggie and Grandma Wright met. You see, Grandma Wright never liked me much but I think I finally made great strides in that department when I helped produce a child that carries her name. It does not take much to please that lady, right? I think we had solidified that Maggie was her favorite great-grandchild for about 6-months. Then Kathy had to steal our thunder and have Lanie Mae. Oh well, can't win em' all! I am totally kidding Kathy, I love that our kids have the same middle name.
I also snapped a cute picture of a granddad-granddaughter moment. I love sitting back and watching people spend time with my kids. Such important memories being made.
This last picture is just of Maggie in an army hat. Kutter finds all sorts of hats and always puts them on Maggie. So far, she does not seem to mind. I think Kutter could do whatever he wanted to her and she would be fine. She sure does love her big brother!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Traveling to Utah

We started our move to Iowa by heading to Utah for the Thanksgiving holiday. We made it as far as Page, AZ the first night then made the rest of the trip the next morning. The car was packed to the gills and each child only had a small hole dug out of stuff for them to squeeze into. Kutter even managed to smuggle a few extra things into the car which he then had to carry on his lap. Our fantastic neighbors, the Gibasons, bought the kids some movies for the road. Here they are enjoying Journey to the Center of the Earth, in 3-D. Thanks Kimmy and Eric, your gift was a hit....and a lifesaver!

All three kids were such troopers on the entire trip. I complained about the 3 hour drive to Salt Lake City from Vernal when I was a kid. We used to have to stop in Duschesne and Heber to take a break and get a drink. My kids can sit in the car for an entire day and not even complain. I think they just must be used to it. We have been traveling since they were itty bitty babies, maybe they don't know life any different. Let's just hope they don't figure out how to complain in the car. If that happens, our family may never see us again because we won't be driving long distances any more!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Kutter's Last Day of Freedom (Elementary, that is!)

Kutter's last day at Buckeye's Freedom Elementary School was November 21, 2008. This was also the day our truck was being loaded and leaving for Iowa. I had talked to Ms. Nunez, Kutter's teacher, to see if we could do something special for him. My plans were to make a special treat but then I realized all my kitchenware was packed and gone so.....I bought donuts. Mom of the year, right! The kids did not seem to mind my store bought treat, however. The class had made that Friday all about Kutter. All the sentences written on the board for them to read had Kutter's name in them. He got to be the line leader, treat helper, paper helper, everything. Now to us adults, this seems like slave labor on a day you should get to kick back and be pampered. But to a kindergartner, this was heaven. He felt very special.
I came at the end of class with the treats and to gather his things. All the kids wanted their picture taken but I thought I would just post the group photos. There is one exception to this, I had to post Kristi, Kutter's first crush. Well I should rephrase this, I am not sure if Kutter had a crush on her but she sure did have a crush on him. She followed him around like a lost puppy. What can I say, the girl's got taste. She had made him a birthday card and drew a picture of him and her holding hands....awwww!
We sure loved Freedom Elementary and especially Kutter's teacher, Ms. Nunez. She just loves her students so much and it shows.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Hate Goodbye's!

I have not posted in awhile. I have had quite the crazy past few weeks. I tell people I have not posted because I have nothing good to say. That is not to say good things have not happened to us , it is just to say I have not had a very good attitude about it.

A quick summary of the life changing events: On Oct 14th, 2008, Ryan was laid off from his job at Pepsico/Gatorade. Talk about a punch to the gut. It is indescribable the feelings that ensued those few days after the layoff. Ryan being the amazing man he is always had a great attitude about it. Me, being the not-so amazing person that I am, was mad as h-e-&-%!!! But, we are very lucky and Ryan had 5 job offers within 2 weeks of being laid off. When you have an entire day to talk, I will fill you in on that whole ordeal. To make a long story short, he accepted a position in Iowa and we are on the move. The packers are finishing loading the truck tomorrow and then we are abandoning our lives in Arizona on Sat, Nov 22nd. I admit, I still do not have the best attitude about it. I am always up for an adventure but I am leaving some amazing people behind. I need to learn a lesson from this and quit making friends wherever I go because it hurts so much to leave them behind. But to those I love here in Arizona, I thank you, you truly made this a home for me which I never imagined was possible. I am struggling more than you could ever imagine with not having you in my daily life. I made so many fantastic friends here, too many to name. But there are a few that I have to give an extra special shout out to. (Disclaimer: These are in no particular order!)

Bridgette: You showed me what a true friend is. I knew I could count on you for anything and you would not hesitate to be there for me, regardless of what you had going on in your life. My only regret is that I was not half the friend to you, that you were to me. I think about that every day and I apologize for not holding up my end of the deal. I am a better person for knowing you and I will miss you so, so much! You, my friend, are so amazing! And I thank you for all the moments I shared with you. They are all treasured memories! I cannot tell you how much it hurts me to leave you behind. Would you consider trying to fit in my suitcase?

Megan: What can I say about Megan, so many great things!! I had the pleasure of experiencing some of the biggest moments of my life so far with you right along side of me. And I cannot think of anyone I would have rather shared them with. You were there for me when almost no one else was and I will always be indebted to you for that. You have taught me so much about being a better person, a better wife and a better mother. I will miss our get togethers with our little families when the hubbies were at work. I will miss your kids and I will miss so much seeing all our kids play together. I am not sure what you did wrong in your life to have to be my friend but I am thanking my lucky stars for whatever I may have done right to be able to be your friend. I will miss you every day! I am not sure I am going to be able to make it without you.

Holly: I will miss so much having a little sunshine in my life whenever I am around you. You have a way about you of making me feel so happy, regardless of how bad I felt before I was near you. I am not sure I will ever be the same without you around. Most of my early and best memories of my time here in Arizona involved you and your family. Hey, if anyone can motivate me to visiting teach, they must be amazing. Not to mention Rockband...."Pleasure!" You are one of the most thoughtful people I have ever known. From the first moment I met you, I always thought there is no way I deserved to be your friend. You seemed just too good to be true and definitely a much better person than me. But you are the real deal and you never made me feel anything but great when I was around you. Thanks so much, you are awesome!

Sage: Ah, Sage! The trouble we got in, and the messes we made! I don't think I will ever have quite the adventures in life with anyone else, like I had with you. We are crazy kids together! Ah, good times, good times! I know you will be fine without me, but I am not sure I will be fine without you. I am just holding on to the idea of Halston and Maggie getting married so we will just say, see you later, not goodbye. You are such a giving person and would do anything for anyone regardless of what it costs you personally. I am certain you have given up your shirt on your back several times over. You are a true example to me and I want to thank you for being my friend!

Tisha: Oh my goodness, Tisha Bierman. Or should I say, Linda Miles, Jr. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. You are hands down the hardest working, most giving person I know. I am blown away every day by the things you do for others. I don't think I have ever even seen you make a sandwich for yourself, you are just too giving. You and I are bonded for life so don't ever forget it. I will fly back and paint your house with you any day so we can have our little talks. You grab a roller, I have got my brush and we will meet over a gallon of paint. You saved my life once, and I will never forget it.

Cheryl: I just love to listen to your stories. I am certain you have a story for every occasion. I find you so entertaining. I am already missing our little rendezvous over t-ball practice or play dates with the kids. I know Ryan hopes someday I am as good of wife to him as you are to Scott. You are a great example to me. I cannot wait to meet your new baby. You are such a great mom and you have great kids. My poor kids are losing some amazing people to be around. The kids are amazing because they have amazing mom's!!! I am still plotting out how to do that bead board-doorknob project so stay tuned.

Brooke: I wish you had more house to paint and I wish I had more time!!! I loved our painting dates and I loved our dinner dates and conversations. I wish you and Chris the best of luck with the upcoming year. Good things are coming your way, I can feel it. You are such an example to me as to what a woman, wife, LDS member, and especially mother should be. All you ladies make me realize how much I need to work on but I am so grateful for your examples and support. I am a work in progress but I am excited about the progress I have made in large part because of you.

Kim: We will always have Vernal. Ha ha ha, that is the only mark against you. I wish I could be half the wife and mother you are. Ryan wishes I could at least cook half as good as you. You are so talented in so many ways. I am amazed by you at what you can accomplish. I am in awe at the trials that you go through and how you are able to take things in stride. I am so sorry that I failed you as a friend but I want you to understand how wonderful I think you are and how I will always treasure our friendship. I value our time together and our project endeavours. There were so many good times. I will miss you.

Kimberly aka Kimmy: Man, you are one amazing person. You were the first to welcome us here. Eric sacrificed life and limb (well, toe) to help us. You took us in as a part of your family so easily and just made us so comfortable. I do not think I will ever experience compassion and welcoming like I have felt with you. You have taught me so much about life and "how to deal!" You are an inspiration to me and I am a better person for knowing you. I will miss our late night bike riding sessions where the kids crash and burn and we get to just talk. At least we have NCI to keep us together. Thanks so much for taking such good care of me/us!

If I have offended anyone, I assure you it was unintentional. I would never want to hurt anyone and if I have, I would work the rest of my life and beyond if I have to too make things right. I am the lucky one and am so honored to have known you and been considered your friend. I love you all!

T. Funny

Payton's Preschool Field Trip

Payton's Joy School had a little field trip to the Buckeye Fire station. This happened when the packers arrived to pack up our house to move to Iowa. I was able to sneak away for a few minutes so Payton would not miss out. She did not like the field trip very much. She cried, a lot. I think it was a scary, intimidating place for her. I can't say I blame her, I am certain I would have been scared at her age. She managed to dry up the tears when I was about to take a picture of her though.

The field trip was great though. The firefighters taught the kids all about 9-1-1 and how to escape a fire. They showed them how the truck works and also got dressed up in their uniforms so the kids would know not to be afraid of them in case of a fire. The firefighters seem to love having the kids around. They played games with the kids, which Payton refused to do. They were given them high fives, and putting their clothes on them, again, Payton wanting nothing to do with it. The firefighters let them in the truck, which I threw Payton in kicking and screaming. They also sent them all home with firehats and a bag full of goodies.... Payton loved that. It was a hit!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

May The Force Be With You

Seeing as how we decided, or more that we were forced, into moving so suddenly, I felt we needed to throw a BD party for Kutter before we moved. He has made so many great friends here and his birthday was just the week after we moved away. I don't know why I do these things to myself. As if moving is not stressful enough but Ryan was already in Iowa so I was alone with the three kids trying to get the house packed and cleaned. Who in that situation thinks to themselves, "self, why not throw a birthday party while you are at it?" Then I thought, well lets make it a going away party for Payton too. I think we invited 36 kids. All but 7 came! That is a big ol party. Luckily I have some amazing friends who came to my rescue. Tisha Bierman deserves all the props in the world. She made the most amazing pinata and made light sabers for all the kids who came. I mean seriously, this life like Darth Vader came equipped with gloves, all the mechanics and even a cape. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. Kutter was inconsolably crying when it got all busted up with a bat. He wanted to keep it forever, I felt bad. But it truly was an amazing creation.

Megan and Bridgette jumped in and helped get food served and cupcakes decorated. Then there is Kelly who stepped in as my knight in shining armour for the party. Kelly is Megan's husband and he became the entertainment portion of the evening. He took on all the kids in a light saber war. It was so funny and such a stress relief for me. He also manned the pinata and figured out all the tricky stuff that came up that evening. It was a sad time for all when he had to duck out early to go to work. Thanks Kelly, you da man! Seriously, I could not have done it without any of you guys. All in all it was a perfect party and a great send off for my kids. I don't regret doing it one bit. I am so grateful for the friends my kids made during our time in Arizona. They will forever have a place in all our hearts.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My First 5K

Since I recently decided I was going to become a runner, my Bridgette dragged my butt out of the house a few times a week to get me started. After Ryan got laid off, it was a great release for me and I cherished every minute I got to spend with Bridgette. She approached me one day about a 5k race that was being held 2 weeks before I moved. My first thought was a loud chuckle followed by a "no way!" But then, as time went on, I thought was a perfect thing for me to get to do with Bridgette before I move. It became very clear it was something I had to do. I just hope I survived!

Well...I survived, barely! I thought it would be a piece of cake because Bridgette and I had been running nearly 2 miles a day anyway so another 1.3 miles was not going to be a big deal. Well, I was wrong. Especially because the last 1.3 miles was uphill, the last half mile or so was straight up a hiking trail up a mountain. What kind of sick person designed that course. I mean really, if you want us to run up a mountain, at least put it at the start of the race, not at the end. I am sad to report that a 60-year-old lady passed me on that trail. Hey, I never said I was a fast runner, I just said I was running.

When I crossed the finish line, however, I was so happy. It was a feeling I have not had in quite some time. It was such an amazing experience for me and I cannot think of anyone I would have rather done it with that Bridgette. I just hope I keep up the running and make her proud.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Recipe Group 2008

I was lucky enough to be a part of an incredible group of women here in Buckeye. We got together once a month to swap recipes. Holly Wallin was the one who started the group in January of 2008. We rotated houses and whomever hosted that month picked a theme. We all brought a food item associated with that theme along with enough cutsie recipe cards for everyone to take one home. It was such a perfect thing because we were all able to try out each other's recipes so we would know which ones we would like and want to make for our families. Throughout the year, I have come home with some of the most amazing recipes. I am totally blaming my insane weight gain this year on this recipe group. Nope, it was not the pregnancy, it was the recipe group. It was my turn to host in December, maybe that is why Ryan got laid off so we had to move before I could subject the group to my hosting abilities. I was very sad to leave so many great people behind and I miss the ladies and the food so very much. I am pretty sure they disbanded after I left because they just could not bare to go on without me, at least, that is what I tell myself. : ) Thanks for the book full of recipe cards, the extraordinary memories, and the 15 pounds.
Pictured above are:
Back: Kaci Perkins, Katie Hunter, Cheryl Wellman, Bridgette Jankowski, Charity Rose, Holly Proctor, Kim Rolfe, and Sage Harper.
Front: Brooke Jenkins, Holly Wallin, Tifany Wright, Brianne McKinley, and Tisha Bierman