Friday, November 21, 2008

Kutter's Last Day of Freedom (Elementary, that is!)

Kutter's last day at Buckeye's Freedom Elementary School was November 21, 2008. This was also the day our truck was being loaded and leaving for Iowa. I had talked to Ms. Nunez, Kutter's teacher, to see if we could do something special for him. My plans were to make a special treat but then I realized all my kitchenware was packed and gone so.....I bought donuts. Mom of the year, right! The kids did not seem to mind my store bought treat, however. The class had made that Friday all about Kutter. All the sentences written on the board for them to read had Kutter's name in them. He got to be the line leader, treat helper, paper helper, everything. Now to us adults, this seems like slave labor on a day you should get to kick back and be pampered. But to a kindergartner, this was heaven. He felt very special.
I came at the end of class with the treats and to gather his things. All the kids wanted their picture taken but I thought I would just post the group photos. There is one exception to this, I had to post Kristi, Kutter's first crush. Well I should rephrase this, I am not sure if Kutter had a crush on her but she sure did have a crush on him. She followed him around like a lost puppy. What can I say, the girl's got taste. She had made him a birthday card and drew a picture of him and her holding hands....awwww!
We sure loved Freedom Elementary and especially Kutter's teacher, Ms. Nunez. She just loves her students so much and it shows.

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