Saturday, November 8, 2008

My First 5K

Since I recently decided I was going to become a runner, my Bridgette dragged my butt out of the house a few times a week to get me started. After Ryan got laid off, it was a great release for me and I cherished every minute I got to spend with Bridgette. She approached me one day about a 5k race that was being held 2 weeks before I moved. My first thought was a loud chuckle followed by a "no way!" But then, as time went on, I thought was a perfect thing for me to get to do with Bridgette before I move. It became very clear it was something I had to do. I just hope I survived!

Well...I survived, barely! I thought it would be a piece of cake because Bridgette and I had been running nearly 2 miles a day anyway so another 1.3 miles was not going to be a big deal. Well, I was wrong. Especially because the last 1.3 miles was uphill, the last half mile or so was straight up a hiking trail up a mountain. What kind of sick person designed that course. I mean really, if you want us to run up a mountain, at least put it at the start of the race, not at the end. I am sad to report that a 60-year-old lady passed me on that trail. Hey, I never said I was a fast runner, I just said I was running.

When I crossed the finish line, however, I was so happy. It was a feeling I have not had in quite some time. It was such an amazing experience for me and I cannot think of anyone I would have rather done it with that Bridgette. I just hope I keep up the running and make her proud.

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