Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Half Bath Makeover

I have received several threatening emails and phone calls wanting me to post some pictures of the house. I have mentioned to several people that we have a lot of before and during pictures of projects but nothing I can call finished. Well my sister and her superhero husband came to visit for a week and man did they leave a mark. My sister and I took on a little project on our own and am proud to say, it is the first mostly finished project in the house. The reason I say mostly finished is because the floor still needs to be redone but we will wait to do that when we do the kitchen floor so it is a seamless floor. is the before picture of our wonderful half bath.
There are several things I would like to point out about this bathroom. First of all, that is not tile on the walls, it is vinyl flooring. Sweet huh? Next, this bathroom is on the first floor and that window offers ZERO privacy from the neighbors when they are on their second floor. I am certain they have seen a lot of "crack" up to this point. Next, the faucet. It never really turns off. Then there is the light. It is a fluorescent light and there is a ten second delay from when you push the button, yes I said button, to turn it on and when it actually decides to shed some light. And last but not least, the beautiful black, white and grey cabinetry. There are several nay-sayers out there that might argue, well at least there is storage. This bathroom is the size of a coffin, storage is the least of my concerns. I am just saying......

Now brace yourselves, this is the after.

Nikki and I gutted the place. We hung bead board where there once was vinyl. I rewired the light switch to be an actual switch and changed out the light to one that works. The sink is new with a faucet that is actually operational. A fresh coat of paint and a set of $15 blinds and presto, a brand new bathroom. I still need to "accessorize" but I thought I would share the progress so far. I sit in this bathroom to escape the disaster we are living in everywhere else. It brings me peace. So, what do you think? Do you likey or should we go back to the black and grey color scheme?