Monday, August 24, 2009

The Best Cat That Ever Was!

Buddy Lee Vincent Wright

Sept 2, 1992 - Aug 24, 2009

My best little friend for the past 17 years finally gave up the fight this morning. Buddy was the best cat that ever was. We got Buddy when I was a sophomore in high school. He was a gift for my sister from her date for a dance. I still remember seeing that little fur ball come running at me for the first time. He had the cutest little face and the best personality. He always knew when someone did not like cats and made it his mission to change their mind. He worked his magic on my dad who eventually gave him his name. I think we were considering the name Bear or something like that but my dad said, "no, this guy is a little Buddy!" Though he was technically my sisters cat, I was attached to him like my own. When I got engaged to be married, I had a moment of cold feet and started to get very homesick. My sister walked in and said, "I was going to save this for your wedding day, but I want you to have Buddy!" That solved it, I knew if Buddy could come with me, I could make it through anything. Ryan had to bribe our landlord $100 to let us bring the cat but I would have paid 100 times that, it was well worth it. I credit Buddy for saving my life on several occasions. He just knew me and knew when to force himself on my lap and make his presence known.

Buddy endured his own challenges. It took him several years to win over Ryan's love. Along with that fight came many assisted trips down the stairs, into walls, off couches, etc. He had his whiskers cut, tape on his paws, attempted double back flips. Most people that entered our home wanted nothing to do with Buddy. There were those who refused to come to the house because we had a cat. They never understood what a magnificent, loyal friend he was. That little animal was better to me than most humans could ever dream of. I am certain Buddy endured it all to be there for me. That cat loved me so much!!!

Buddy has not been himself these past few months. He could not be the cat he was used to being and it was hard to watch. Our neighbors here in Iowa fell in love with Buddy immediately and tried to help nurse him back to health. They came to us last night and said they did not think Buddy was going to make it through the night. I had Ryan go bring him home. I laid by him on the couch all night. He gave up his fight around 5am this morning. Buddy was a part of my life for more than half my life to this point. I will miss him everyday! We love you Buddy!