Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Hate Goodbye's!

I have not posted in awhile. I have had quite the crazy past few weeks. I tell people I have not posted because I have nothing good to say. That is not to say good things have not happened to us , it is just to say I have not had a very good attitude about it.

A quick summary of the life changing events: On Oct 14th, 2008, Ryan was laid off from his job at Pepsico/Gatorade. Talk about a punch to the gut. It is indescribable the feelings that ensued those few days after the layoff. Ryan being the amazing man he is always had a great attitude about it. Me, being the not-so amazing person that I am, was mad as h-e-&-%!!! But, we are very lucky and Ryan had 5 job offers within 2 weeks of being laid off. When you have an entire day to talk, I will fill you in on that whole ordeal. To make a long story short, he accepted a position in Iowa and we are on the move. The packers are finishing loading the truck tomorrow and then we are abandoning our lives in Arizona on Sat, Nov 22nd. I admit, I still do not have the best attitude about it. I am always up for an adventure but I am leaving some amazing people behind. I need to learn a lesson from this and quit making friends wherever I go because it hurts so much to leave them behind. But to those I love here in Arizona, I thank you, you truly made this a home for me which I never imagined was possible. I am struggling more than you could ever imagine with not having you in my daily life. I made so many fantastic friends here, too many to name. But there are a few that I have to give an extra special shout out to. (Disclaimer: These are in no particular order!)

Bridgette: You showed me what a true friend is. I knew I could count on you for anything and you would not hesitate to be there for me, regardless of what you had going on in your life. My only regret is that I was not half the friend to you, that you were to me. I think about that every day and I apologize for not holding up my end of the deal. I am a better person for knowing you and I will miss you so, so much! You, my friend, are so amazing! And I thank you for all the moments I shared with you. They are all treasured memories! I cannot tell you how much it hurts me to leave you behind. Would you consider trying to fit in my suitcase?

Megan: What can I say about Megan, so many great things!! I had the pleasure of experiencing some of the biggest moments of my life so far with you right along side of me. And I cannot think of anyone I would have rather shared them with. You were there for me when almost no one else was and I will always be indebted to you for that. You have taught me so much about being a better person, a better wife and a better mother. I will miss our get togethers with our little families when the hubbies were at work. I will miss your kids and I will miss so much seeing all our kids play together. I am not sure what you did wrong in your life to have to be my friend but I am thanking my lucky stars for whatever I may have done right to be able to be your friend. I will miss you every day! I am not sure I am going to be able to make it without you.

Holly: I will miss so much having a little sunshine in my life whenever I am around you. You have a way about you of making me feel so happy, regardless of how bad I felt before I was near you. I am not sure I will ever be the same without you around. Most of my early and best memories of my time here in Arizona involved you and your family. Hey, if anyone can motivate me to visiting teach, they must be amazing. Not to mention Rockband...."Pleasure!" You are one of the most thoughtful people I have ever known. From the first moment I met you, I always thought there is no way I deserved to be your friend. You seemed just too good to be true and definitely a much better person than me. But you are the real deal and you never made me feel anything but great when I was around you. Thanks so much, you are awesome!

Sage: Ah, Sage! The trouble we got in, and the messes we made! I don't think I will ever have quite the adventures in life with anyone else, like I had with you. We are crazy kids together! Ah, good times, good times! I know you will be fine without me, but I am not sure I will be fine without you. I am just holding on to the idea of Halston and Maggie getting married so we will just say, see you later, not goodbye. You are such a giving person and would do anything for anyone regardless of what it costs you personally. I am certain you have given up your shirt on your back several times over. You are a true example to me and I want to thank you for being my friend!

Tisha: Oh my goodness, Tisha Bierman. Or should I say, Linda Miles, Jr. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. You are hands down the hardest working, most giving person I know. I am blown away every day by the things you do for others. I don't think I have ever even seen you make a sandwich for yourself, you are just too giving. You and I are bonded for life so don't ever forget it. I will fly back and paint your house with you any day so we can have our little talks. You grab a roller, I have got my brush and we will meet over a gallon of paint. You saved my life once, and I will never forget it.

Cheryl: I just love to listen to your stories. I am certain you have a story for every occasion. I find you so entertaining. I am already missing our little rendezvous over t-ball practice or play dates with the kids. I know Ryan hopes someday I am as good of wife to him as you are to Scott. You are a great example to me. I cannot wait to meet your new baby. You are such a great mom and you have great kids. My poor kids are losing some amazing people to be around. The kids are amazing because they have amazing mom's!!! I am still plotting out how to do that bead board-doorknob project so stay tuned.

Brooke: I wish you had more house to paint and I wish I had more time!!! I loved our painting dates and I loved our dinner dates and conversations. I wish you and Chris the best of luck with the upcoming year. Good things are coming your way, I can feel it. You are such an example to me as to what a woman, wife, LDS member, and especially mother should be. All you ladies make me realize how much I need to work on but I am so grateful for your examples and support. I am a work in progress but I am excited about the progress I have made in large part because of you.

Kim: We will always have Vernal. Ha ha ha, that is the only mark against you. I wish I could be half the wife and mother you are. Ryan wishes I could at least cook half as good as you. You are so talented in so many ways. I am amazed by you at what you can accomplish. I am in awe at the trials that you go through and how you are able to take things in stride. I am so sorry that I failed you as a friend but I want you to understand how wonderful I think you are and how I will always treasure our friendship. I value our time together and our project endeavours. There were so many good times. I will miss you.

Kimberly aka Kimmy: Man, you are one amazing person. You were the first to welcome us here. Eric sacrificed life and limb (well, toe) to help us. You took us in as a part of your family so easily and just made us so comfortable. I do not think I will ever experience compassion and welcoming like I have felt with you. You have taught me so much about life and "how to deal!" You are an inspiration to me and I am a better person for knowing you. I will miss our late night bike riding sessions where the kids crash and burn and we get to just talk. At least we have NCI to keep us together. Thanks so much for taking such good care of me/us!

If I have offended anyone, I assure you it was unintentional. I would never want to hurt anyone and if I have, I would work the rest of my life and beyond if I have to too make things right. I am the lucky one and am so honored to have known you and been considered your friend. I love you all!

T. Funny


Cheryl said...

i've often thought i probably talk too much. i need to keep the stories to a minimum and let other people speak once in a while :) we will miss you so much. you are such a good friend to everyone. you also would give the shirt off your back and are soooo willing to give your time and talents to everyone else. i'm afraid i wasn't half as good a friend to you as you were to me and i wish i could have been. i wish you guys all the best in iowa and hope your long trip is a safe one.

Kelly and Megan said...

Oh Tif! You are a wonderful friend, and I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I am glad I was blessed to be your friend. We will miss you guys every single day. As Carson says "I am going to miss them so much." I too will miss our days of hanging out while the husbands were working. There are so many memories that will always be dear to my heart.

I am not sure if you meant to make us all cry, but it sure worked on me. It is quite possible I will be blubbering for a while! Just ask Tisha (I ran into her today at Frys and we started crying in the milk section!)

Take care! Be Safe! We love you guys!

Holly said...

T. Funny-

Thank you for what you said, it was so meaningful. You have such good insight and are able to see people's strengths despite their certainly have always done that with me. You also have a way of making the person you are with feel like your best always made me feel that way when I was with you; I know you made everyone feel special when you were with them.

Of all the talents that you have, the talents I love the most are those like these, those that make you the person you are, those that are part of your inner beauty, part of your character.

I hope we can meet up in Utah at Taipan sometime and go shopping together!! I love you & will miss you, my "first love". Love Holly.

The Karafa Family said...

I was so sad when I heard you were leaving. I guess I have to check "become great friends with Tiffany" off my list. I'm sad I never made the effort before it was too late. I am really really sad that I didn't get to say goodbye to Kutter! Will you tell him Sister Karafa is really going to miss seeing his cute face in Primary. Travel safe!

Cupcake Couture said...

o my goodness! Well, I just got home from IN & Out Burger with you and so sad that you guys are gone! We will totally miss you so much! Wre already do! You guys will be awesome there and God does have a plan...even though it doesn't make sense now! Feb. won't come soon enough for our Mexico Trip!! We need to stay way longer this time and enjoy the calmness and worry free atmosphiere...(I don't know how to spell that and I don't have time to google the right spelling! haha!)
Anyway, We love and thankyou for everything!!! Now I have to start a blog so we can stay in touch!
Hugs and Kisses and we will definatly get together soon!
Love you tons!!!!
p.s. thanks for everything you helped me accomplish and learn! You are truley one of my best friends and you will always be!

Kimmy said...

So you guys left today and we all stayed pretty strong.
Until I went outside tonight and looked across the street and saw your house and realised that it was empty inside and the beautiful family that I am use to seeing is not there anymore and I broke down in the front yard.
We are so grateful for having met you guys.
I am sure we will never have neighbors as amazing as you.
You have really touched our lives and taught us to be better friends.
We really do miss you guys.
I hope you have a safe trip.
We will keep in touch.
Love Kimberly :o)

Wesselman Weekly said...

WOW, I can't believe you are moving to IOWA!! I am sorry to hear about the laying off of Ryan!! I am sorry that you had to leave behind all your friends for a second time!! I was hoping that you were going to say that you were moving back to CO!!! I hope you have a safe trip and an easy transition!! Let me know how things are going for you!

Stimpson's said...

OH NO!!! My one friend in AZ has now left!!! I am sad I don't get to see you and hang out whenever we get moved there! I wish you the best of luck in Iowa and pray that the transition will be easy. You are such a friendly person and have such a wonderful family, so I know you will be fine. I hope that Ryan likes his new job and that you guys settle in ok. Keep in touch! love you!

masonmadness said...

Good luck with everything! It sounds like you have made some wonderful friends there. Goodbye's are always so hard, but those memories and friendships always last forever. You guys are awsome people and will do just great in Iowa!

Cameo said...

IOWA???? WHAT HAPPENED to the prodigal return to COLORADO???? I am so happy Ryan got a job. What will he be doing now? Hang in there're tough. *whether you believe it or not.