Saturday, September 6, 2008

On the Way to Mexico...Ole!

We had a trip planned to Rocky Point Mexico to spend a few days on the beach with our friends, the Harper's. This would be our first vacation since moving to Arizona nearly 3 years ago. Kutter spent the night at Connor's house and we were going to pick him up on our way out of town. The "plan" was to leave around 8am. So at 11:30am, we were on our way. We decided to leave the mini-van at home and venture south of the border in the Corolla. We could not believe all 3 car seats fit! The kids did pretty good on the trip. Kutter and Payton were big helps to feed Maggie and they did a fairly good job sharing the snacks and the travel television. We had to stop at a little town called "Why" (Good question!) to buy Mexican car insurance to cover our vehicle while we were in Mexico. We also stopped at the border for a photo shoot.

Once we were in Mexico, it felt like we were in some other country. Oh wait, we were! The speed limit signs were in kilometers. There were people flagging you down to sell you stuff every few feet. It was interesting to say the least. There was a lot of gorgeous scenery along the way and also some not-so-gorgeous scenery. I was so glad we went with someone who had been there before, however, or we would have ended up in Tijuana or something. The roads were confusing and my Spanish is rusty. Once we arrived at our private villa on the beach, we were in heaven. It was such an amazing house right on the beach with the most gorgeous view and a pool right out the front door. We already were feeling as if 3 1/2 days was not going to be enough. It was amazing how all my cares, stresses, and worries seem to disappear while I was there. It felt good!

Our first day consisted of getting settled in. We immediately went swimming where Kutter ran and did flips off the side. Yikes!Maggie seemed right at home in the pool and Payton loved the water. Later, Ryan and Hayden took the kids to the beach while Sage and I unpacked. We headed out for dinner to an authentic Mexican restaurant. Hayden ordered a meal suited for 6 people and I lost $10 when I bet him he could not eat it all himself. My mistake! No one slept great that night because the air could not cool the house that fast and the humidity was really bad this time of year. I ended up having to take a cold shower and fall asleep wet. The next 2 nights were much better. Kutter and Payton had their own beds in their own room with their own bathroom. Ryan and I had a queen bed and our own bathroom with Maggie in a pack n play. Hayden and Sage stayed in the master suite with their girls. Everyone had their own beds and bathrooms, it was so nice and so comfortable. We were so happy to just be there and relax!

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rouskafamily said...

How fun!! I am glad you got away and had some fun times. I would like to see more pics of the beach and the house you stayed at. Over and out!