Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rocky Point Mexico, cont......

This isn't how I wanted to post our vacation but there was so much I wanted to write about, it would have taken 50 more posts to get it all in. So here is the rest of our trip in a nutshell, as captured on camera:

We went to a local bakery for breakfast and ate fresh rolls and pastries. The streets were trash covered and the smell all around was terrible but the food was delish. Yum!!

We went shopping at the flea markets. This is Payton trying on all the designer knock-off purses to see which one "fit" the best. When she found it, that purse never left her arm again. The look on Kutter's face cracks me up. I think he thought this whole process was nuts. I was a bit surprised at the interest Ryan took in the whole process. He pulled down every purse and even asked the owners if they had more options in the back. I was just standing back in awe and my princess and the unbreakable hold she has on her daddy.
Here is a picture of what the babies did most of the time. They just chilled. We were so lucky to have such great babies on vacation. It could have been such a miserable experience if the babies were cranky. They just loved to lay next to each other and play. Halston taught Maggie how to roll over. He taught her by example as he was constantly rolling over on top of her.
Our other kids got along so great together and just played, non-stop. There were no fights and no one got left out. It was such a perfect scenario for such an amazing place. Here are some great group shots we got of them. Let's play a game....which person in this picture does not belong? Hint: Compare skin colors

We pretty much swam non-stop. The kids loved playing at the beach and swimming in the ocean. As soon as we walked back from the beach, they were then all begging to go in the pool. The amenities were so nice at the place we were staying that we all enjoyed going swimming. The babies both fell asleep in their floaties at the pool. Kutter loved doing flips off the side of the pool and also when Ryan would launch him in the air. This lasted until mama (aka: me) could no longer handle it.

I did not have enough of burying Maggie in the sand the first time around, I had to try it again, this time in dry sand. She loved every minute of it. Afterwards, Payton wanted a turn, she hated every minute of it. This is her trying to smile because I would not let her out of the sand until I got a decent picture. Yet another reason, I should be mother of the year.
Our last afternoon there, we splurged and rented a jet ski. Man, can I tell you, worth every penny. It was $40 for one hour which was a pretty good deal. We utilized every minute of it. It was a windy day so I had the best time going full throttle over some massive waves and catching some gnarly air. Ryan said I was crazy, but I was never scared. I was having so much fun! Ryan was pretty gutsy out there himself. Poor Hayden, he did not have any sun glasses on so he got a salt water beating in his eyeballs that he will not soon forget. We even managed to get Kutter, Payton, and Cambri on there for a ride. Wow, what a great time! The only pictures captured were of Ryan riding. I guess he did not feel it was important enough to take a picture of me flying 50 feet in the air! Totally kidding, I am pretty sure he caught my rides on video.

I hated to leave when the trip was over. We immediately started planning our next trip back. We love the Harper's and had such a great time spending time with them. Good times, good times!

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