Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Payton's First Day of Preschool

Payton started preschool today. A few friends of mine got together and are doing a Joy School. We were not going to do a preschool for her until next year since she is still two years away from kindergarten but with Kutter gone all day, we felt she needed something to break up her day. She misses Kutter so much! Payton will go twice a week for 2 hours and she could not have been more excited.

It was fun to see Payton get her clothes all picked out and tell me how she wanted her hair done. (I am sure it did not come out quite how she pictured it, I am not very good at the hair thing.) She wanted her picture taken with her school clothes on and then with her backpack. She wanted this day all about her so she was not inviting anyone to be in the picture with her. When we took her to "school" she wanted her picture taken with her teacher. I guess I will be taking her picture every week with her new teacher since it just rotates houses. : )

The day went great and she loved her new adventure. She loved it so much, she did not want to leave. She threw quite the fit when I showed up to pick her up. Plus she was devastated at the idea that her pencil box and school supplies had to stay. I literally had to carry her out of the house. She cried for another half hour or so until she zonked out asleep on the couch. That two hours of learning really did her in.
One thing for sure about Payton, there is never a dull moment with her around. She is so much fun even when she is kicking and screaming. I love you so much my little Pay-Paylicious!
This is a picture of her first teacher, Megan Zierse, and of her fiancee' Carson Zierse. Right now she is planning on marrying him and Ty Jankowski. At least she will have great in-laws!


Wesselman Weekly said...

She is so adorable. When you guys moved, she was just a baby. What fun it is to see her growing up!! I love how she just wanted the day to be just about her.....so funny!!

Braden and Melanie said...

I love it! I can totally see her being so mad when she had to leave. I love that she wanted pictures with only her in them. She is such a princess. I love it! Tell Princess Payton that I am very proud of her for going to her first day of joy school. Oh and by the way I am so happy you are doing joy school. Mom did that with us, and I totally want to do it with our kids. I loved it when I was little.

Nik said...

Shoot! What a cute princess!

Kelly and Megan said...

Okay, now I am expecting to see a picture of each of her teachers! Especially yours!!

Yes, if Payton and Carson got married, we would have fun reunions! Lets just consider them betrothed!!!

Darice said...

She looks so cute!! You'll be busy the next five weeks taking pictures :)

I hear you about the hair thing- Morgan usually has the same do day in and day out. Just something to keep it out of her face!

Happy preschool days! Have fun!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Awww...I bet she's loving it. I tried to get a Joy School group together too, but didn't have much luck. Oh well...my little girl is really liking her preschool. I'm still having attachment issues though. :)

Grandma Vincent said...

My little Pay-Pay is getting soooo big and beautiful!!! Grandma is so proud of you little Princess! I miss you so much and can't wait to see you and your brother and sister again! I love how you are such a big helper to mommy. I hear you are such a wonderful big sister to Maggie! Would you please give everyone a big hug and kiss for me? Here's big hugs and kisses for you XXXXXXXX000000000. Love you!!!

It's all about Family! said...

To the Princess!

Wow! You look so darn cute and all grown up. I was a Joy School Teacher. We had great fun! I am so glad you love to learn, and I am so glad you will get to have your mommy as one of your teachers too. We love you all. Grandma