Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kutters 1st Sleepover

Kutter has a "best buddy" named Connor. If they could, these two kids would play together all day, every day. Connor went to Utah to visit family for nearly 6 weeks. When he finally got back, the two were inseparable. If they were not together, they were begging to be together. On July 30th, after a 3 1/2 hour playdate at Peter Piper Pizza, the boys convinced us moms to let them have a sleepover. Little did I realize that Ryan had already talked to Kutter about this the day before and had made all the plans. I guess us moms had no choice. : )

They were such good kids. They went to bed at 9pm with no complaints. Now before you get all impressed that they went to bed so early for a sleepover, I will finish by saying they finally fell asleep at midnight. I guess it is our fault, we put a movie on in Kutter's room and popped popcorn. Payton was a having a hard time with being left out so we let her watch the movie for a few minutes. It was funny to me that when she went to sit down, the boys had her sit in the middle. She was in heaven. Cute Connor on one side and her best big brother on the other.

I have never seen Kutter laugh so much. Kutter and Connor are a good fit because they have similar personalities and are such good kids. Plus, neither one of them can say their "C' and "K" sounds so they call each other Tutter and Tonner. So great!


Barnes Family said...

Oh cute! Last Sunday I gave Megan and Connor a ride home from church. I heard Connor say to his Mom that next time he wants to ride with Kutter. I'm sure it wasn't any fun with all the girls.
I'm glad that they are such good friends. Are they in the same class at school? I still can't believe that Kutter is starting school this week! I can't wait for the blog about that!

Braden and Melanie said...

That is so cute! I love that Ryan already had it planned. He was probably more excited than Kutter. He is such a kid at heart. I remember when he wanted to camp outside with Kutter, I think Kutter was excited, but not as excited as Ryan. I think he is the only dad that I have seen climb in so many McDonalds play places. He is a good daddy.

Buckeye Bosleys said...

Those two are so cute together. I love that they let Payton sit in the middle for the movie. Such GOOD kids!

The Adams Family said...

You are a great mom. Look at you go.

I just read that Kutter starts school this week. Good luck with that, I hope he gets a teacher you like.

Just think about all the girl time you will have.

Megan said...

I am so glad that our kids love being together! They definitely have good times when they play. Thanks for hosting the first sleepover! What cute pictures.