Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2 ft tall and bulletproof!

Maggie had her 3-month doctor appointment today. (I realize she is almost 4 months. I actually think it was suppose to be a 2-month appointment. Whoopsie!)


Height: 25 in 95th percentile
Weight: 15 lbs 9 oz 95th percentile
Head Size: 43 cm 95+ percentile

That's my girl!


Nik said...

AAHHHHH! She's growing SO fast! That's our girl Mags!

Kelly and Megan said...

She is such a cutie pie! Katelyn can't wait until Mags is old enough to play!

Anonymous said...

Yikes..I need to send her the present I bought for her. She is growing so fast. She is adorable, and so is Kutter and Peyton!!! I love Peyton's jealous!!

It's all about Family! said...

Hey little Magster: Why are you growing so fast? Grandma is missing out on all the cute little things I am sure you are doing. Have your dad and mom keep sending pictures. Love, Little Grandma

Braden and Melanie said...

I can't remember if I told you or not, but Wyatt is officially a Wright. His head is in the 95th percentile as well. haha! I can't believe I haven't met little magster yet (you know I loved her name just because it is cute, but it makes it even better when she has such great nick names). I am sure it will just be a reunion for her and Wyatt. I bet they played ball in heaven.