Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tif is 31 Today, October 6.

Tifany is 31 today and I wanted to post 31 things about Tifany since she is so special to me!!! I am a first time poster so hopefully this works. I love you Tif!!!

1- Tifany is the most Beautiful woman I know, both inside and outside.
2- Tifany has her Masters degree in Business Administration. She completed her bachelors and masters in the time it took me to get a bachelors degree. I think there was one quarter she took 24 credits? I don't know how she did it.
3- I think Tif was an interior decorator in another life. She is very good at decorating painting etc. and she loves it.
4- Tifany took state in Tennis while she was in high school. She still loves to play. She will not pass up a chance to beat any of my friends on the tennis court, especially the one that think it would be easy to beat a girl. She likes to rub it in when she beats the guys. She usually takes it easier on the girls.
5- Tifany likes it when you call her T-funny. She tells great stories and always makes me laugh.
6- Tifany is always up for a challenge. Her newest challenge taken on is the goal of running a marathon. Next summer, Go Tif! I am her biggest fan.
7- Tif loves music. She is always singing along to a song or doing her wave dance.
8- Tifany can make anything on home design shows come to life. Then she usually one-ups it.
9- Tif loves sports. Sports come very easy to her and she gets really good, really fast.
10- Tifany loves photography. She takes casual, scenic and even family photos. I love the personal touch she adds with pictures.
11- Tifany is the most giving person I know. She is always helping!
12- Tifany would die with out Dr. Pepper. She is beyond addicted. I am starting to get really worried.
13- Tifany has been married to me for over 12 years. She must be really patient.
14- Tifany acts tough and will never cry, but has a very tender heart. So take care of her!
15- If you haven't noticed Tifany does not trust your driving. I think she puts it something like this. "I just like to drive, so even though it's your turn to drive, and we are taking your car, do you mind if have your keys and drive?"
16- Tifany is way cooler then me. She is fun to talk to, tells good stories, and I just love her!
17- Tif is a packer. I once watched her pack our entire house inside of our Mazda MPV minivan.
18- Tifany can paint like a pro. She has a special brush she uses to trace in lines. She loves that brush. I am pretty sure it has its own name.
16- Tifany loves being a big sister. She was the baby growing up in her family, but loves being a big sister to my younger brothers and sisters.
17- Tifany has had a baby in every state that she has lived in (3).
18- Tifany has the most beautiful hazel eyes with fire around the edges.
19- Tif is a great cook! She has these chocolate chip cookie that are awesome! Good luck getting the recipe out or her though.
20- Tifany is a good listener. She has great insight and is a good friend!
21- Tifany has intuition about our kids and family. I am really glad for it if she has a sense, I listen.
22- Tifany can hit really hard. I am still waiting to find out how hard, cause she takes it easy on me. But, she tells me she can hit really hard, so watch out.
23- Tifany can not stand an unfinished project. I think they make her twitch. She pushes me and her friends to finish projects. Sometimes she does them by her self it bothers her so much to leave a project unfinished.
24- Tifany is a great mom! Our kids almost always have a great temperament. They have great personalities. She teaches them how to work, learn and get along in society. They are as smart and well behaved because of her. Our kids will always know that their mom loves them.
25- Tifany puked her guts out for the first 5 months of pregnancy with all of our kids. She had severe heart burn for the last 4. She loves the kids with everything she has!
26- Tifany has had the same cat for 16 years. A stray cat had babies in our back yard about 4 weeks ago. It has been fun to get her and the kids all excited about 6 baby cats running around.
27- Loves movies. We have seen almost everything.
28- She has a great laugh and a great smile!
29- Tifany started dabbling in sewing over the last few years. What does she need me for she can do everything?
30- Tifany loves the holidays. She decorates, has the kids help and gets them all worked up. It is good times!
31- Tif is a great wife. She challenges me to be better. She is fun, funny, and a great life friend. Tifany you are my best friend! I am looking forward to spending forever with my best friend! I love you with all of my heart!

Tifany you are Awesome! You make me the happiest man in the entire world! I hope you have a great 31st Birthday!


Wahls said...

Happy Birthday Tifany! You truly are amazing! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Nik said...

AHHHHH! That is so sweet, RY! There is no doubt about it that she is an amazing and great person! It is my privilege to be her sister. (Now we just need to get her to believe it.) Happy Birthday Tiffer Toes!

masonmadness said...

Happy Birthday Tifany! That was so sweet of Ryan to do that post for you. He sounds like he takes good care of you and loves you a lot! I agree with the things he said. You are a great person and you make every one around you happy. That is a great talent! Have an awesome day!

Kelly and Megan said...

Happy Birthday T-Funny! I loved that post Ryan! You are a very talented person and I am glad that your juices are rubbing off on me! Oh, can I please have your cookie recipe, hee hee!?! Have a great day!

Rebecca said...

Well T-funny (I learned something new) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I liked Nikki's comment that you do need to believe what Ryan said bacause it's all true!! You're a great person! And Ryan that was awesome to write all this about T-funny!! Love you both! Becky

Darice said...

Well- I knew that you were awesome!! This is a great post! You and Ryan are a great example to the rest of us of how to be great parents and spouses! Happy, happy birthday!

It's all about Family! said...

Happy birthday Tifany. I loved reading all those great things about you. We love you in our family and appreciate all that you do for Ryan and the kids. Hope you have a great day and that all your wishes come true.

Bridgette J said...

And the worst friend ever award goes You can probably tell by my message I thought tomorrow was your birthday. I thank the Relief Society newsletter because I trusted that more than my own memory. I hope you are having a great birthday TODAY. I still want to steal your kiddos tomorrow. Cute post Ryan! So Thoughtful!!

The Adams Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Ryan, Great Post. I think you covered it all. Tif gives everyone anything and everything she can. She is Mrs. Wonderful.

Enjoy 31, 32 comes really fast.

I still really miss you.

rouskafamily said...

Holy look at all those comments, YOU are so popular!! Tif I just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday again(facebook & text)You are truly the best friend any girl could ever ask for. Ryan made a great list of some great qualities, you have so many more so like when you are a 131 we might start to run out of great things to say about you. You are truly the best. Ryan is lucky to have you, and make sure you remind him of that daily if not more often LOL!! Can't wait until Sept 19,2009 just you, me and the hard pavement. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better person. PS What do you know about the Nikon D80 camera??


Happy Birthday Tifany! Ryan is so sweet...that was a great list of all your wonderful qualities! Hope you have a fabulous day!

The Karafa Family said...

Happy Birthday! That was a very sweet birthday post!

Jaimie Haley said...

Happy Birthday Tifany. That was so much fun reading about you. What a sweet post. Great Job on your first post Ryan. I don't know how you'll ever top that!

The Carney Family said...

Happy Birthday! I loved what Ryan wrote about you... I learned a few new things about you! I like the name T-funny. I've never heard that one before, great nickname! Hey, and the whole marathon thing... If you're up to doing a 1/2 marathon end of January, let me know!

Braden and Melanie said...

Happy Happy birthday T-Funny! That post mad me miss you so much! SAD! But I hope you had a happy happy birthday. You were spared of my singing because my phone died and it got kind of late (Braden is already in bed) so your birthday will have to be extended. Ryan had it right with that post. Especially the one about being a great big sister! Sometimes you were the only person that had the guts to stick up for me from John. What would I have done? We love you and miss you so much and can't wait for our next project together. Miss them! Love ya and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

DOUBLE DANG!!! #1...I talked to you today and forgot to wish you a happy birthday. I'm hitting myself right now. #2...What a thoughtful husband. Good job Ryan! So Tif, when I asked if you and your kids could drive with me all the way to east mesa, did you you cringe? Be honest. I had no idea you had a driving fetish. Sorry, if it was a hairy experience. Anyway, you are such a good friend and you are way too talented. Thanks for sharing it with all of us in Buckeye.

Kimmy said...

This is such a sweet posting.
I love the part about finishing your friends unfinished projects, that is the truth I have a few projects in my home finished by Tifany.
Well Ryan is right you are an Awesome person. We couldn't have asked for better neighbors
Happy Birthday :o)

kris said...

Hi Tiffani and Ryan! I found your blog through Camie Wesselman's. Just wanted to say Hi.
You have such a cute family! I didn't know you guys were in AZ, we live in Chandler!
Maybe we could get together sometime, take care!
kris (sorensen)

Anonymous said...

Wow so I totally went crazy on Facebook, telling you happy birthday.....but somehow forgot to tell you on here. So now I am telling you "Happy Birthday" Hope your day was great, just like you!! Oh and loved seeing all the pics of your vacay....lovin me some eye candy....wonder if I should get Craig one?

Brooke Jenkins said...

This is so sweet. It is good to know that Tifany is in such good hands. We are grateful that we have been able to know you. Happy Birthday.

Grandma Vincent said...

Okay, okay so it's taking me a long time to get used to "Blogs." Words cannot express the feelings I have for you and your little family!!!!!! I always knew Ryan was a very, very, thoughtful and sweet husband but I can't imagine anything better than to have a tribute written by him and posted for everyone to see!!!! Now, when I get an email that asks me the last time I cried, I can say, "Today.!" Everything that is said about you is true and then some! I am so proud of you and always have been and always will be! I love you, TONS! I'm excited for you and Nik to spend some alone time together. You both deserve it. Loves, hugs, and kisses! Mom