Thursday, October 30, 2008

Joy School Halloween Party

For Payton's Joy School class, my friend Megan and I were in charge of the Halloween party. Trust me when I say, we did not hold back. We made green punch that had a gummy severed hand in the bottom of it. We froze fake bugs and eyeballs into ice cubes. We had a super fun craft project where the kids got to paint their own Halloween masks. We had some fun games to play and yummy food to eat. We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which we cut into shapes of ghosts and witches. There were, of course, yummy cupcakes in which the kids got to decorate their own. That was just the beginning. It was a very messy but very fun little party. Thanks to Jami Snyder who let us invade and trash her house in the name of good fun.

In this picture are: Kaycie Wellman as a zoo keeper, Cambri Harper as a patriotic dancer, Kennadee Manutai as Wonder Woman, Brittlee Harper as a patriotic dancer, Payton as Little Bo Peep, Carson Zierse as a pirate, Kali Manutai as a kitty, and Colby Snyder as Mr. Incredible. What is it with the boys? They could not seem to keep their costume on.

It was a very fun and extremely memorable little party with an amazing group of kids.

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curtis03 Lewis said...

Joy School Halloween Party looks pretty interesting. I had really nice time watching these photos. I also have two kids and this year I too took them to a fun kid’s friendly Halloween event that had been organized at the local convention center. The kiddos enjoyed that event a lot.