Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cutie Petuties etc.

Here are the latest and greatest pictures of the kiddos. We took these just before making the 40 minute trek to church. I just had to take a picture of the girls in their matching outfits with matching bows. Cute stuff!! Payton's clothes ended up being a little big but I guess they will just last her longer, right? Maggie did not want to sit still for the picture so this is the best we could do. Payton was holding on with all her might to keep Maggie there and still keep that picture perfect smile Payton always brings to a photo.I had to also take a picture of my handsome little man with his new church shirt. We had to get him one with long sleeved. Have I mentioned before that it is cold in Iowa? Just wondering! Anyway, this is the only picture I managed to capture where he was not pulling a goofy face. He prefers to show the artistic impressionistic side of himself whenever the camera is out.
Well the smiles and happy day were short lived. Maggie started freaking out in Relief Society which never happens. After her screaming uncontrollably in the hall for 20 minutes, I dragged Ryan out of priesthood to help out. Maggie fell asleep on his shoulder within 1 minute, which also, never happens. She screamed and cried most of the car ride home, then the real fun began. Maggie got sick!!! She started throwing up about every 15 minutes for the next 6 hours. I have never had a baby get sick before besides a cold. This was sheer torture. She would fall asleep sitting up on our laps until the next bout of heaving. That night, the only way she was comfortable was sleeping on her belly with her knees underneath her and her bum in the air. The one good thing about having a sick child is......lots of snuggle time. That is looking at the glass half full, eh?


Braden and Melanie said...

Oh my poor little Magster. Sick kids are horrible, and I cannot comprehend what it would be like to have Wyatt puking. I think it would scare him. I hope she is feeling better now. I am glad you got that cute pic of the girls in before the puking began. Their outfits are seriously cute! And I love the boys. And man is that Kutter a handsome little man or what? They are getting so big. I cannot believe how tall she is getting. I miss you guys! Oh, and if you were wondering, I figured out your life plan. If you cannot get the house (which would still be a great plan) you can rent a house for the next few years, after which you can move back to CO. Didn't Ry Guy say there was a company that might be starting here in the next few years? That way, if the economy is still crappy you won't have a house in Iowa that you would have to worry about selling first. Hu? What do you think? Might be crappy renting for the next few years, but in the end you would have a great reward! Living by me! Let me know your thoughts. haha! Love you guys!

Braden and Melanie said...

I just looked at your photos again, and I just had to say how beautiful that fireplace is, and how cute the Magster looks laying on her tummy across Ryan's lap. We have pics of Nate and me sleeping like that when we were little too. We did it all of the time though. Not just when we were sick, and now the Wyatt man does it too. Makes for great pics.

Nik said...

Oh my heck look at how big Maggie has gotten! She has changed so much! I just had a sick baby this weekend too! Saturday night Tayt kept waking up in the middle of the night, fevered and miserable. Needless to say I little to no sleep. But he didn't throw up at all. Monday he was totally miserable too and I spent the entire day holding him. He started chippering up last night and today he's back to himself. I definitely got in some good snuggle time too. Yay! Sorry Maggie was so sick! Love ya!


Awww...what cute outfits!!! Your kids are so cute! Sick babies are no fun! Hope Maggie is feeling better! Hope Iowa is treating your family well!

It's all about Family! said...

What cute kids. Poor little Maggie looks so sick in the picture of her laying on Ryan's chest. Bless her little heart and stomach. I can't believe how your family is growing up. We can hardly wait to come see you. We'll pray for little Maggie and hope none of the rest of you get sick. Kutter, Grandma has some labels for you. I'll get those in the mail this weekend. Love you all.

Shelbee said...

Those are such cute pictures of your kids! I have the same problem with Gavin...he loves making goofy faces when I try to take his picture. It must be the age.
I hope Maggie feels better by now. Sick kids are not fun. At least you got home before she started throwing up...hopefully.
I have to say, we are so glad you guys are here! It's exciting to have more young, LDS families close by!

Barnes Family said...

Oh my goodness! Poor little Maggie! She just looks so green in that photo with Ryan. I'm glad she is feeling better it's really no fun for anybody when the baby is sick.
I love the matchy matchy outfits and the matchy matchy bows! So so so cute!
Kutter is getting so big. To look at the photo on your sidebar and compare it to the new one he is really growing up. So sad that they have to grow up so quick.
Cute post! Keep them coming!

rouskafamily said...

Sickness, YUCK!!! I love Paytons red hair, it is awesome. Maggie has just grown right up I guess that is what happens when I don't see them much or I guess just once for her.
Hope all is going well, any news on the house situation yet?? I want a photo of the outside of it, Please.
Thanks for the bear lake information, I am glad you informed me that it was a lake up North!!!LOL GEEK!
YOu know I miss you and think of you everytime I run. Do you want to reconsider this marathon thing?? It sucks, let's talk. I am running my first 8 miler on Saturday, I might DIE!! Love ya girl.

Grandma Vincent said...

Oh, my gosh! I wish I could have been there to hold our sick little sweetie pie! She is HUGE!!! She looks like she weighs more than Payton! Payton - you are a cute little mother's helper! You are so beautiful! AND -- Kutter J -- my, my you are one handsome young man. I love your hair!!!! Can't wait to come and see your house!!!! I love it already! Love you all! Give everyone hugs and kisses for me!