Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Life Savers

Thanks to my mom for coming out and watching Kutter and Payton when Maggie was born so Ryan and I could focus on getting Maggie here safe and sound. It was such a relief knowing my kids were happy and sleeping in their own beds. This allowed Ryan to get to stay with me and the baby without having to rush home or be preoccupied with the other kids. The experience was perfect and I hold you personally responsible for making that happen. Thanks mom!

Thanks to Nikki, (sorry I don't have a picture) for coming and seeing me through my first weekend with Ryan back to work and me back to work as well. I could not have done it without you. And thanks for making me so many great treats and wonderful meals. I could not have gained those 15 pounds without you! Thanks for going shopping with me even though you hate shopping. Thanks for loving my kids and for loving me despite all my "issues." You are awesome and a true life saver!

Thanks to Becky for coming to my rescue while Ryan was out of town for a week. Thanks for understanding that your sister is crazy and not judging me for it. Thanks for falling in love with my new baby girl and spoiling her rotten. Thanks for playing with Kutter and Payton and going with me on adventures. And most importantly, thanks for being there when I had no one else. You saved my life, yet again!

And last but certainly not least (I listed these people in chronological order), thanks to my other mom for coming to my aid on another one of Ryan's out of town trips. Your timing could not have been better especially with Payton breaking her arm. I nearly lost my mind with you here and can only imagine how loony toons I would have gotten had you not been here. Thanks for reading the same books over and over to my kids. Thanks for playing BINGO at least a thousand times. Thanks for doing flash cards with my kids and showing enthusiasm each time you read them like it was your first time looking at them. (By the way, does anyone know how long Pluto has been classified as a dwarf planet? Jeez, where have I been!!!) You are an amazing grandma and I was so happy and thankful you were here for us.

And most of all, thanks for raising such a wonderful son that I have the honor to be married to. He has got to be, hands down, the best person I know and he is a perfect husband and a perfect father. I know you are responsible for that so thank you so much!

You each showed up at times when I was all alone and had no one to turn to or lean on and you all let me lean on you. You are true life savers and I am so grateful to you! Loves to everyone!


It's all about Family! said...

You're doing a great job with the blog page. It is so fun to be able to keep up with your family even though we are so far away. I had a great time being with your family and playing with the kids. I just feel bad that my plane being late kept you from church when I flew in. I hope you were able to get home in time to make it to church the Sunday I left. It's so important to be in church every week, and I don't want the Lord to hold me responsible for you missing church two weeks in a row. Love you all. Keep the blogs coming. We love them.

Jess said...

You can always call me too, Tif! Glad to hear you're surviving!

The Adams Family said...

I love to read your blog. It makes me laugh, and it makes me cry. I miss you.

Yes, Wyatt is a man-boy now. Let me tell you it is very interesting to have a “child” that is just as tall as you are. It feels a little weird to parent him. He is getting so big (almost 13), where does time go?

I agree with you that Taycee will forever be 2 in your mind. She is still 2 in mine as well, but she reminds me frequently that she is not a baby and she definitely has a mind of her own. I am going to have a first grader here in a month. What the, where does time go?????

Ryker, it seems to me that Ryker was just born and you were here a few months ago, to support me. Then I wake up and realize, that was over two years ago. And then I really wish that I could be with you right now to help you with Maggie, but it looks like you are surrounded by good people that are more than willing to help. Still, I wish it were me.

I look at your kids and I cannot believe they are getting so old. I see Kutter and I still see the baby I used to hold. I look at Payton and I see the head strong little two year old you had with you when you were here. Maggie, oh how I wish I could hold Maggie.

I cannot wait until you come at Thanksgiving!!! Make sure you pencil me in to take you out to B-Day dinner or lunch (I know it will be late, but better late than never).

I will watch your blog for updates.

Bridgette J said...

I know there is a whole mile that stands between us, but know that I would drop everything & come to your rescue in a moments notice. You are one of my all time favorite people & I treasure our friendship. There is no one I would rather laugh & sob with than you!

Nik said...

I didn't do enough, I should have done more! But I'm always glad to help out even when I'm 14 hours away. I love you muchly and your cute family as well! Hugs and Kisses from Aunt Nikki!