Friday, July 18, 2008

Maggie's First Swim

We had a ward swim party back on June 21st. I know, that is a whole month ago but time has gotten away from me. I am trying to make up for it now. The party was a lot of fun. The kids loved it, Maggie too! I was just happy to get a chance to show off her new swim wear thanks to Aunt Jen!

This first picture, Maggie's tummy seems to be busting out of the swim suit. She is trying to keep up with her cousin Wyatt.

These next couple of pictures are of Ryan and the kids enjoying the water. Kutter and Payton were fearless and Maggie loved the water. She never even complained about it. There were a few times that I looked over and Ryan had her all the way submerged. I think he forgot that he was holding her. She did not seem to mind, but I about had a heart attack. I guess she did live in water for 9 months ......or...... maybe she is part fish. I will have to check to see if she has webbed toes, or gills behind her ears. That would explain her lack of drowning. Ha ha ha!
Ryan was definitely a bunch of fun that night, we were so glad he was able to get off a few minutes early to make it to the pool. I am sure the lifeguard would have preferred he stay home. She kept getting after Ryan for throwing Kutter in the air. One time, she was trying to get his attention and he could not hear her. She ended up falling in the pool trying to get him to stop. Whoopsie!

Here is Mags just chillin after she got done with her dip in the pool. She ended up falling right to sleep. I ended up leaving her asleep in her car seat and went to eat watermelon. A little bit later, I was heading to go check on her when I noticed a man holding a baby near where she was sleeping. I thought to myself, "how funny, that baby is wrapped in the same towel that Maggie is!" It took me a minute to realize, duh, it was Maggie. He said she was crying and I looked like I was enjoying my watermelon so he was just calming her down. Whoopsie again!


Barnes Family said...

Looks like it was fun! You guys go to all the activities that's fun!
So, did you know this guy that was holding your baby? Scary!!

Nik said...

The poor third child - by the time they come you're so used to having kids around that you easily forget them! ha ha

Buckeye Bosleys said...

Her swim suit is so cute! I love the swim party- definitely one of my favorite activities.

Braden & Melanie said...

Her swim suit is so cute! She is doing pretty good job at keeping up with Wyatt's gut. I love baby guts! They are my favorite. I can't wait until Wyatt starts chubbing up his hands and feet a little more. I am talking the rubber band wrists. Even better is the rubberband forearms! Party looked like a blast!