Monday, March 9, 2009

Payton Stats - Age 4

Height: 3 ft 4 inches
Weight: 32 lbs

Payton was a very brave girl at the doctors office today. We decided to get her kindergarten shots over with early. She got 4 shots and a finger poke today. The nurses took one look at her scrawny little arms and opted to go with the legs. She only cried for a minute and I was so very proud of her. Afterwards, we went to Wal-mart to cheer her up then went to McDonalds for lunch. Of course, she made me carry her everywhere because her legs apparently were no longer able to function. Must be some weird side effect of the immunizations or something. I think they effect princess's in a different way than normal children. I will have to read up on that. I was extremely impressed with her bravery during the whole process, however, and am just really glad to have all that over with.


Kelly and Megan said...

Oh, poor Payton! I am sure that shots do have different effects on the sweetest of princesses! And a trip to McDonald's. What a lucky girl! What toys are in the Happy Meals this week....hee hee?!

Braden and Melanie said...

That is my cute, scrawny, beautiful, brave, princess niece of mine! I wish I had princess powers and got to be carried everywhere! I think I will start wearing more pink and see if that helps me any.

Lauralee said...

Ryan and Tif, We barely know each other now that so many years have gone by but family is family, right? I enjoyed looking at your blog, tonight. I think you were very brave at the doctor's office, too. Watching my children be immunized kills me. Good work, everybody!

Stacey Wright said...

Um, Calvin weighs as much or more than Payton. Nice thick little kid I have here. All these potty snacks aren't going to help either. Good job Payton though. I hate shots for kids.

Z said...

Meow! Max says hi.