Monday, January 5, 2009

Taking Down the Christmas Tree

I had planned on leaving the Christmas Tree up in our apartment until we moved into our house. I was just trying to keep some life in the place since we had no decorations or furniture for that matter. Maggie had other plans in mind. I was doing the dishes in the kitchen when I heard the tree tip over. I turn around to see this:Now being the good mother that I am, I went and checked to see if she was okay, then I left her there to go find the camera. She, luckily, pulled the tree down so her head was sticking out the bottom. The tree fell on her from her shoulders down. She planned it well. I guess the tree had to get put away, I am sure she would not be so lucky next time. After the initial shock wore off, it was actually a bit hilarious. The funny part is, she was not even phased. Most kids would cry just out of shock, not our solemn, somber Maggers. Not even a peep!

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Nik said...

You ARE the best mom in the world. Funny how we think about grabbing the camera before anything else. :) I'm actually surprised Tayt didn't do this as well. Way to Magster!